Good morning, civilization!

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This website is dedicated to saving civilization from itself.

To undoing the wishful thinking of optimistic fallacies enabled by the insulation from consequence that pragmatic thinking and realism provide.

To offer a vision that is not intended to restore civilization to some rosily painted antiquarian utopia, some Good Old Days that never were, but rather to move civilization forward to the next step.

To review, revise, and renew. To look at what we have, recognize its flaws, and ask: “What next?”

The primary arena for any renewal of civilization will be the organization. In modern parlance, this means the office/shop, whether that is in business, government, or other forms of organization like non-profits, homeowners associations, and community support groups.

This is true because civilization itself is a form of organization. Renewal does not call for a New Man, self-created as if by magic as the Renaissance envisioned, but a new organization, a New Government-Office that starts with finding the right people among those who are already here and proceeds by logical steps to face the uncomfortable facts presented by experience, update visions and policies based on those facts, and build new structures to bring us into the future.

We must involve an evidence-based approach to organizational success largely at odds with pop psychology and pop business theory, evolutionary psychology approach to human interaction in place of politics, and full acceptance both of the novelty of strategic organization in human evolutionary experience and its necessity in the present and future of civilization.

We must recognize the reality of human intellectual diversity, and the untapped power that suppressed diversity represents in an age of simplistic egalitarianism. We must recognize the dangers of cognitive biases and the promise of neurotypical variety. If we do all of this, we can not only clean our planet and set off for the stars, but also uncover a basis for human happiness that is not premised on addictive ambitions that doom us to a miserable purgatory on the hedonic treadmill.

Let’s get started!

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